Ryck Kaiser

Ryck Kaiser has been playing the fiddle for more than three decades. His main interest has always been Appalachian string band music. A well-rounded musician, Ryck studied classical violin with Joyce Pollard, and played in the West Shore Symphony Orchestra in Harrisburg for over fifteen years. He has also played in a Cajun band, “The Yard Dawgz,” and a western swing band called “The Midtown Fiddlers.” Currently, Ryck performs with “Hot Club du Jour” a Gypsy jazz band from SE Pennsylvania. With all of these diverse experiences Ryck always thinks of old timey fiddle music as a touchstone. He has accumulated hundreds of tunes from Appalachia and is a composer of tunes in that style. Ryck Kaiser performs regularly at dances with pianists Peggy Shutes and Jill Smith and with Bill Goldberg, Suzanne Gates and Freya Qually in “Hay for Three."




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