Rachel Eddy

Rachel Eddy

Rachel was born and raised in rural WV near Morgantown, where her father got her started playing the fiddle as a little girl. Pretty soon she realized that it was more fun making old time string band music than just about anything else. Rachel now performs on fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin and bass. She has recently relocated back to West Virginia after living the last 5 years in Stockholm. During that time, she invigorated the Swedish old-time scene inspiring dozens of people with Appalachian music and dance. In addition to being a performer, Rachel is passionate about teaching. She has taught fiddle, banjo and guitar at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins WV, at Sore Fingers Summer school in the UK, and different various weekend workshops from the hills of West Virginia to Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, London and Wales. She enjoys teaching future generations about the unique music that she loves so much. Rachel’s love of music comes from the heart and she loves every part of her job, from performing to educating dedicated students, and the electrifying charge of leading large jam sessions around the world! Over the years, she has had the honor of sharing stages, workshops and recording sessions with the likes of Tim O’Brien, Erynn Marshall, Dirk Powell, Adam Hurt, Rayna Gellert, Russ Barenberg, Bruce Molsky, Mark Schatz, and a month long tour in Germany with the g’earls from Uncle Earl! She has four full length albums : The Morgantown Rounders (2006), Hand on the Plow (2008 solo), Chilly Winds (2010 duo with Kristian Herner), and Nothin’ But Corn (2014 solo). Rachel’s most recent, exciting news is that she’s teaching Appalachian music and dance at West Virginia University. She has also just been picked up by West Virginia University’s record label, Mon Hills Records. Look for a new Rachel Eddy solo album out by spring 2016

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