Words of HOTAfest

Here are some definitions for some commonly used words at HOTAfest.

Auto Harp
A string instrument with dampers that allow only the desired to chords to be played.
An Irish frame drum with one side open and the other closed.
Clawhammer style
A downward picking style done by hitting the strings with the back of the finger instead of plucking.
Contra dance
A partnered folk dance in which couples dance in two lines or in a square.
A fretted instrument with three or four strings.
Hammered Dulcimer
Dulcimer that is played by striking the strings with small mallets (hammers).
English Country Dance
An ancestor of the contra dance originating in Renaissance England.
A lively Irish folk song in a compound meter (6/8)
A round or teardrop shaped stringed instrument with a sound hole.
A clay wind instrument that has finger holes and a mouth piece.
A central European tune usually in 2/4 time that has a corresponding dance with a "half jump" step. Polka comes from the Polish phrase ''tanec na polo'', which means "dance in half" referring to the time and the "half jump" steps.
A traditional Scottish folk tune with a traditional dance usually done in 2/2 or 4/4 time.
Shape notes
A type of music notation used for choral groups using different shaped notes to represent different pitches and styles.
Strum Stick
A simple three stringed instrument that automatically chords any note strummed.
A style of singing that involves an extended note that is rapidly changed in pitch using the yodeler's entire range, from the "chest voice" to the falsetto.




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