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Every year, hundreds of visitors from PA, OH, NY and Canada come to Titusville to experience HOTAfest. In addition to sharing a love of music, art and dance, they also come for the opportunity to experience the history, beauty and hospitality of Titusville. During their stay in Titusville, we encourage them to explore and visit our wonderful businesses, restaurants, and local tourist attractions.

This is a well-established annual event that, with your help, will continue to grow. HOTAfest enriches our community by celebrating music, art and dance so that we can share these gifts with generations to come. Please consider becoming a HOTAfest Sponsor today!

If you become an individual or business sponsor of HOTAfest, your name and information will be displayed prominently on the website, in the program, and at the festival. There are several tiers of sponsorship available. For more information, please call Titusville Council on the Arts at 814-827-2381.




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